About Us

A linked world allows people and businesses to create, process, share and distribute information in innovative ways. New inventions continue to arrive at a high speed. This imposes requirements on the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information. To achieve CIA, Organizations need the security and stability about the IT infrastructure and applications which they use for the Company business operations.


ISAS Consultancy Services is valued for its dedication to client service, employee enrichment and the community it serves.


We hope ISAS Consultancy Services will be recognized for delivering a high level service which can be benchmarked by our clients to measure the performance of others.

Our infrustructure resources

1. High-end work stations and two servers for application & database.

2. Enough office space equipped with DG power backup and modern amenities

3. Connected with 1 Mbps internet link from country’s submarine cable

4. Three training rooms equipped with OHP/MP’s, LAN and Sound system